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うわべ の訳語→ air pretense superficial

さらけだす の訳語→ bare demonstrably present reveal

ついている の訳語→ behind decorate do hook with

みたい の訳語→ guess like look seem sort

みたいだ の訳語→ clearly near seemingly think

やって来る の訳語→ arrive come

ようだ の訳語→ apparently sound

よぎる の訳語→ across cross drift go hit pass play swim

らしい の訳語→ any as become befit believe evidently expect imagine know obvious obviously presumably probably proper real suppose take understand wise

一見 の訳語→ apparent intuitively outwardly reasonably see seeming

映る の訳語→ ablaze regard strike

押しかける の訳語→ gather invade visit

含む の訳語→ among hold

眼に映る の訳語→ remember

顔を出す の訳語→ attend probe use

気がする の訳語→ disposed feel feeling find might occur sense suspect tend worry would

見える の訳語→ catch discover ken observable read show sight suggest view viewable

見かけ の訳語→ appearance outside surface

見せる の訳語→ betray demonstrate display examine express flash give make presume pretend surrender

見た目 の訳語→ token

現れる の訳語→ manifest of

載る の訳語→ contain

姿を見せる の訳語→ enter stand

思える の訳語→ remind

出て来る の訳語→ answer egress

装う の訳語→ affect parody portray rig try

登場する の訳語→ emerge in

当たり前 の訳語→ acceptable natural naturally penchant

突破口 の訳語→ break breakthrough hole opening penetration

目に映る の訳語→ visible

様子 の訳語→ about behavior behaviour condition indication layout manner mood rate sign spirit temper that thing way welfare

来る の訳語→ arrival back bring grow reach stop walk warn

あからさまに の訳語→ blatantly boldly distinct explicitly open outright point blank positively visually