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〜して の訳語→ because till

〜だが の訳語→ despite if nonetheless somehow

〜ながら の訳語→ although but though while

〜の の訳語→ about from in of with

〜のころ の訳語→ how when

〜のように の訳語→ almost half like

〜通り の訳語→ exactly possible way

うちに の訳語→ after amongst by

えてして の訳語→ sometimes tend

の訳語→ however instead now then until

こう の訳語→ so this

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question reason scale score sense shit solution something story stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

ころ の訳語→ log

さえ の訳語→ actually even help indeed only

さながら の訳語→ nearly really

そのあと の訳語→ before eventually next

たびに の訳語→ every

の訳語→ hand

ときに の訳語→ occasional occasionally

とたん の訳語→ immediately minute

どおり の訳語→ right

ながら の訳語→ during still

なんて の訳語→ rather

にも の訳語→ all both perhaps

ひどく の訳語→ acutely atrociously awful bad completely curiously deeply definitely disproportionately distastefully enormously exceedingly excruciatingly extraordinarily extreme extremely genuinely great grossly hard heavily heavy highly incredibly infinitely intense long magnificent monumentally nicely painfully palpably particular particularly passionately profoundly real royally serious severe severely sincerely startlingly such sufficiently surprisingly terribly throughly thundering utterly very wildly wonderfully worse

まさに の訳語→ admirably appropriate begin certainly clearly effectively greatest just most precisely proper simply somewhat thereby truly

また の訳語→ additionally again also always another back further more plus pretty resume same too

ように の訳語→ equivalent miniature show suggest

らしい の訳語→ any apparently appear become befit believe evidently expect guess imagine know obvious obviously presumably probably seem seemingly sort suppose take understand wise

瞬間 の訳語→ flash instant instantaneously instantly situation

通り の訳語→ accordance avenue drag road street

途中 の訳語→ middle progress

同じ の訳語→ coincide ditto fellow imply own similar similarly

並みの の訳語→ middling ordinary

変わらない の訳語→ indissoluble invariant unchanging unflagging

as a matter of tradition as a result ascendant ascend ascent ascertainment ascertain ashamed ashen ashlike aside asinine askew ask asleep aspect aspersion asphyxiate aspiration aspire assaile assail assault assay assemblage assemble assembly assentation assent assertion assertively assert assessment assess asset asshole assiduously assignation assignment assign assimilation assistance assistant assist associate association assorted assortment assort assuage assume assumption assurance assuredly assured assure assuring ass astonished astonishingly astonishing astonishment astonish astray astringent astrologer astutely astute asylum