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あおる の訳語→ badger drink excite feed further lead pamper raise swallow swill swing urge

あたる の訳語→ check come graze intimidate jab make responsible review rise see speak strike

おさまる の訳語→ bate contain cool die dull ease fall fit modulation over pass quit rest settle sit soothe subside

おそう の訳語→ enshroud feel seize

きく の訳語→ all appreciate ask demand do enquire get give hear heed know learn listen pay question receive respect take want work

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part problem process reason scale score sense shit solution something story stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

ころがす の訳語→ drive push turn wheel

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong cover dispose draw explore fill gather have head imprint lean man place prop put reach ride serve stick supply

つける の訳語→ adjust assign bear fix flip follow furnish light plant plunge provide shed use wear write

なぐる の訳語→ beat hurl pop pound punch smack tromp

はねる の訳語→ break jump pick splash up

ひっぱたく の訳語→ slap spank warm

ぶちまける の訳語→ assail belly burst express pour spill tell vent verbalize vomit whine

ぶつ の訳語→ slapping

ぶつかる の訳語→ attack bump bunt collide face meet odds slam

ぶつける の訳語→ approach collision crash deliver drop expend gouge sling throw

よぎる の訳語→ across appear cross drift go play swim

ゴロ の訳語→ creeper grounder roller

ピンとくる の訳語→ dot realize register

押す の訳語→ bull carry jam press ring sweep

拡がる の訳語→ penetrate swell

寄る の訳語→ move stop visit

迎える の訳語→ encounter fetch greet hail preparation

効く の訳語→ assist flow good

荒らす の訳語→ despoil disturb plunder poach search touch violate

殺し の訳語→ murder snuff

思いつき の訳語→ brainwave impulse notion suspicion

襲撃する の訳語→ maraud sortie

打つ の訳語→ bat cast land sound

打撃 の訳語→ damage disruption disturbing

叩く の訳語→ blow fiddle knock pat rap run tap thrash thwap wallop

着く の訳語→ arrive

直撃する の訳語→ catch right whack

当たる の訳語→ find nasty pursue scan with

到達する の訳語→ aspire hope

踏みつける の訳語→ crush stamp

踏む の訳語→ estimate figure guess reckon step think trample

突く の訳語→ pang shoot swag

突入する の訳語→ start

来る の訳語→ arrival back become bring grow walk warn

落ちる の訳語→ abandon bastardize bottom down gone lower seek sink strick topple

落ち着く の訳語→ concentrate easygoing ensconce okay opt relax slow

出る の訳語→ answer award begin betray dangle develop emerge engage finish forward get going leave out practice pull show slip try

hitch hitherto hitter