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かける の訳語→ about begin bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch lay make nearly pay pepper place play provide put rest run say scamper seat set shake show sit sling spend start take under waste wear worth wrap

さしのべる の訳語→ extend render

すてる の訳語→ drop quit renounce shed

たじろぐ の訳語→ deter hesitate puzzle surprise teeter

はおる の訳語→ clad have slip

ひっかける の訳語→ drink get hang touch

ぶつける の訳語→ approach beat collision crash deliver expend gouge hit strike vent

まかせる の訳語→ allow count delegate give let

まごつかせる の訳語→ abash bewildering discombobulate

加える の訳語→ accompany administer cast complicate heap include

開く の訳語→ clear draw host lift open part peel unfold widen

外す の訳語→ dislodge pull

完全に の訳語→ absolutely all altogether always cold completely effectually entirely exactly faultlessly firmly fully integrally perfectly quite really stone-cold strictly thoroughly total totally truly very virtual well whole

捨てる の訳語→ abandon discard discount empty forgo jettison lose pour rejection scrap spare without

精を出す の訳語→ furiously hard intent ply pursue try yoke

叩きつける の訳語→ pelt slam

投げつける の訳語→ offer send

投げる の訳語→ flick fling peg shoot

投げ込む の訳語→ hurl pitch

入れる の訳語→ assign feed import plunge reach shift stash stuff venture yield

備えつける の訳語→ attach install

throw someone under the bus throw-in throwaway