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させる の訳語→ ask authorize encourage force get have leave let make offer slap

つぶやく の訳語→ grumble murmur mutter say speak swear talk tweet twitter utter whisper

なる の訳語→ amount apt assume become begin change come create develop feel find generate give go grow join mark pass potential provide put reach serve set take turn

まかせる の訳語→ count delegate throw

許す の訳語→ condone forgive grant justify permit privilege suffer sympathize tolerate

結構 の訳語→ dandy enough exceedingly fine glad happy lot lovely pretty quite rather reasonably right

慎む の訳語→ abstain avoid careful eschew forgo restrain stop

通す の訳語→ leach negotiate pervious receive show

同調する の訳語→ align follow observe share

任せる の訳語→ trust

放置する の訳語→ abandon

目をつぶる の訳語→ forget ignore squint

余裕がある の訳語→ can confident ready spare

浸る の訳語→ be lost consistent douse

承認する の訳語→ acknowledge assert formalize ratify sign off

allowable allowance