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あふれる の訳語→ brim of pervade release rush suffuse

いっぱい の訳語→ bunch crowded drink full lot many oodles pocketful ton whole wrap

いっぱいに の訳語→ awash wide

こもっている の訳語→ have reflect

こもる の訳語→ cloister enter hang hide show shut

さらう の訳語→ grab steal sweep take

たちこめる の訳語→ overwhelm settle

たまる の訳語→ backlog collect gather

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong come cover dispose draw explore get head hit imprint lean make man place prop put reach ride serve sit stick strike supply

ねじこむ の訳語→ screw stuff tell

ぶちまける の訳語→ assail belly burst express pour spill vent verbalize vomit whine

一杯に の訳語→ exclusive maximum

溢れる の訳語→ outpour well

引きつける の訳語→ appeal attract focus

頑張る の訳語→ straining survive try wait

詰める の訳語→ checkmate hold stay

詰め込む の訳語→ batten cram crowd engorge force

駆られる の訳語→ further

後任 の訳語→ replacement successor

充分 の訳語→ absolutely all ample certainly considerable easily enough entirely fairly fully good handsomely much painfully proper quite

浸す の訳語→ bath dip permeate wave

占める の訳語→ absorb capture house occupy play

注ぐ の訳語→ devote direct lavish stir

入ってくる の訳語→ advance

埋める の訳語→ bury invest lay lower

満たす の訳語→ in meet

説明する の訳語→ apologize assure brief build define delineate describe discuss elucidate explain illustrate intone lay out narrative note press reckon render say summarize

ふさわしい の訳語→ acceptable applicable apposite appropriate approximate apt befit befitting behoove commensurate de rigueur deserve fit ideal like qualify right seemly suit suitable true

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