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しかける の訳語→ begin dispose feed offer secret start

つくる の訳語→ buy distill draw gather have introduce invent make manufacture raise wear

つのる の訳語→ arouse feel grow increase mounting

建てる の訳語→ establish set

高まる の訳語→ rise strengthen upwell

骨格 の訳語→ framework structure

作る の訳語→ configure cultivate develop fix form prepare scribble sew

作成する の訳語→ concoct generate

身体 の訳語→ body condition figure frame health man position posture

設計 の訳語→ designing projet

体つき の訳語→ feature physicality stance

体格 の訳語→ built size

体型 の訳語→ physique shape

築く の訳語→ construct

誘う の訳語→ allure arrange ask attract bring drag entice hypnotize invite lube spark steer suggest talk woo

立ち上がる の訳語→ feet get back to one’s feet rear rising

説明する の訳語→ apologize assure brief define delineate describe discuss elucidate explain express fill illustrate intone lay out narrative note press reckon render say summarize tell

builder building buildup