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〜そうだ の訳語→ ostensibly probably

〜と見える の訳語→ apparently evidently obviously seemingly

〜と思われる の訳語→ presumably

〜ようだ の訳語→ maybe

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed just like most obvious only perfectly pseudo rather real really right simple so spotlessly strained such terribly that too true typically unexpectedly utterly very

おぼしい の訳語→ looking probable take

かもしれない の訳語→ accept could likely might perhaps possibility possible suppose

かも知れない の訳語→ shall will

きこえる の訳語→ come hear overhear reach sound

している の訳語→ contain determined do give help see wear witness

そう の訳語→ correct entirely follow good meet much oh same sure this truly why yes

そうだ の訳語→ acquiescence can look well yeah

だろう の訳語→ bet deduce may must surely think

どうやら〜らしい の訳語→ manifestly

なんだか の訳語→ almost bit half hardly kind little slightly somehow something somewhat sort

なんとなく の訳語→ actually certain connotation distinct effortlessly general imprecisely inexplicably intuitively mildly moderately simply vaguely

ふう の訳語→ manner mode type

ふりをする の訳語→ act affect feign imply kid pretend

みえる の訳語→ guess impress

みたい の訳語→ appear

ようす の訳語→ appearance way

ようだ の訳語→ present

らしい の訳語→ any as become befit believe clearly expect imagine know proper understand wise

一見 の訳語→ outwardly reasonably seeming

映る の訳語→ ablaze regard strike

何だか の訳語→ quite

外見 の訳語→ image outfit semblance similitude stance surface

感じ の訳語→ awareness feel feeling impression opinion quality sense vibe view

感じがする の訳語→ realize

感じられる の訳語→ aware convey detect perceptibly

感じる の訳語→ conscious create decide experience find go have mindful move notice react sweep taste

気がする の訳語→ disposed occur remember suspect tend worry would

響き の訳語→ air chord echo edge note resonance ring thunder

見える の訳語→ catch discover ken observable read show sight suggest viewable

見たところ の訳語→ around visible

口ぶり の訳語→ delivery say speak term tone voice word

思う の訳語→ admit anticipate anticipation argue ask assume bear buy concern concerned conclude conjecture consider deem determine dwell estimate figure frightened hope idea judge learn love make mind plan prospect qualify realise reckon recognize reflect remark sensible tell terrify thought try want wish wonder

思える の訳語→ remind

思われる の訳語→ credit

聞こえる の訳語→ spread

様子 の訳語→ about behavior behaviour condition indication layout mood rate sign spirit temper thing welfare

見る の訳語→ acknowledge behold blink check confront consult consume discern examine eye gauge gaze get glance glare inspect inspection long look in measure moment observe peer peg picture scan scrutinize size spot stare state study surmise survey turn wait watch

seemingly seemly