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あてがう の訳語→ dose fit fix furnish offer on prop provide push put

さして の訳語→ about across equally especially much overly particular particularly so

には の訳語→ before by if only than that when

の訳語→ all business like news of purpose something though wonder

まで の訳語→ actually also at every for over through till towards until while

to this day to-be toadeater toady toad toast tobacco today toe together toiletry toilet toil token tolerable tolerably tolerance tolerantly tolerant tolerate tole toll tomato tombstone tomb tome tonality tonelessly tone tongue tonight ton tool tooth toots toot too top dog top-notch top-of-mind topical topic topline topmost topping topple topside top torment torn torpedo torpor torque torrent torrid tortoise tortuous torture toss totally total totem tot touched touching touchpoint touchstone touch tough-minded toughness tough tourist tournament tout towards toward towering tower township town tow toxic toy