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やりかた の訳語→ approach art habit manner method number performance style system tactic theory way

応じる の訳語→ accede add admit agree answer approvingly assent cater evoke listen oblige pick reply respond respondent say take volunteer

応答 の訳語→ acknowledge comeback reflex respondence

感情 の訳語→ desire emotion emotional emotionally feeling frisson heart impulse juice mood passion reaction sense sensibility sentiment thing

手応え の訳語→ affect effect feed-back

対応 の訳語→ action handling move parallelism

対応する の訳語→ adjust correspondent deal do proportional

答え の訳語→ explanation message remark

反応 の訳語→ attitude bounce expression handle react reactivity result uptake

反発 の訳語→ backlash rebound

返事 の訳語→ acknowledgment query return statement word write

連絡 の訳語→ call communication contact interface touch

接する の訳語→ be exposed confront have interact read