× Q 翻訳類語辞典


〜したまま の訳語→ just with

〜しては〜する の訳語→ always in pleasure

〜しても の訳語→ despite even

〜ながら の訳語→ although as but though while

あげく の訳語→ after finally then

あとは の訳語→ else everything next now rest

あるいは の訳語→ perhaps sometimes

いいか の訳語→ buddy kid listen look okay well

いいかい の訳語→ hell here

いや の訳語→ boy except gad hate indeed more neh no nope not oh sick um weary why yes

いよいよ の訳語→ about close ever gradually great greatly really rich so steadily still very

おかげで の訳語→ because therefore

おまけに の訳語→ also besides furthermore however moreover plus too

の訳語→ if instead until when

けれども の訳語→ unfortunately

ことに の訳語→ anyway best especially notably

の訳語→ there

さて の訳語→ right

さらに の訳語→ additional additionally another further maybe push

しかし の訳語→ actually alas fortunately Jesus nevertheless nonetheless rather whereas yet

しかも の訳語→ alone fairly interestingly

したがって の訳語→ accordingly

しまいには の訳語→ develop eventually ultimately

じゃ の訳語→ merely yeah

すると の訳語→ before suddenly where

そういえば の訳語→ that

そのあとは の訳語→ afterwards anymore

そのうちに の訳語→ presently preserve shortly slowly someday sometime soon

そのまま の訳語→ consequently continue directly docile exact frankly immediate immediately instantly keep let originally perfectly plain remain same simply straight unconsciously whole

そもそも の訳語→ basic begin consider essentially first fundamentally

それから の訳語→ later second secondly thence

それでいて の訳語→ somehow withal

それにしても の訳語→ surely

それも の訳語→ preferably

ただし の訳語→ mind only

たびに の訳語→ every

だいいち の訳語→ pray

だいたい の訳語→ almost average generally idea most mostly nicely practically roughly

だが の訳語→ meanwhile

だのに の訳語→ have

ついでに の訳語→ opportunity

つまり の訳語→ briefly exactly mean particularly

の訳語→ accordance depend due whenever

ですから の訳語→ naturally

でも の訳語→ already aw example once regarding some

といって の訳語→ :

とくに の訳語→ obvious outdo overly unduly

ところが の訳語→ unhappily

ところで の訳語→ hey incidentally way

とたん の訳語→ minute moment

となると の訳語→ since

どうやら の訳語→ apparently clearly dimly doubtless evidently guess likely obviously ostensibly presumably probably reportedly would

なにしろ の訳語→ altogether for

なるほど の訳語→ admittedly ah certainly convinced do fine gotcha magnificent quite sure surprised true truly uh-huh undoubtedly

なんか の訳語→ all hardly sort

にも の訳語→ both

の訳語→ business like news of purpose something than to wonder

はたして の訳語→ inevitably whether

ほか の訳語→ other

またしても の訳語→ again anew continuing

まったく の訳語→ absolutely apparent cold completely considerably distinctly entirely exceedingly fully genuine gevalt God goddamn gosh intense man never outstanding precisely pretty squeaky strongly such supremely totally virtually what

もうひとつ の訳語→ third

もちろん の訳語→ ’course forsooth

もっとも の訳語→ appropriate highly least reasonable sound unless

やおら の訳語→ abruptly quietly till

やがて の訳語→ afterward long long-run momentarily

やはり の訳語→ either equally likewise

ようやく の訳語→ barely laboriously last nearly rare reach reluctantly scarcely

プラス の訳語→ asset give positive pro

以来 の訳語→ thereafter

共に の訳語→ amid

結局 の訳語→ effectively

実際 の訳語→ actuality fact personally practice

上に の訳語→ across high upstairs

の訳語→ against twins

第一 の訳語→ primacy

同時に の訳語→ along at concurrently simultaneous together

では の訳語→ good day

いわば の訳語→ largely per se proverbially this

一方 の訳語→ on the other hand one-way simultaneously