× Q 翻訳類語辞典


〜したところで の訳語→ even when

〜してから の訳語→ after then

うち の訳語→ family house household part us we

かねてから の訳語→ always chronic

から の訳語→ against among because between derive from over past since so through till until

これまで の訳語→ historically previously traditional

これまでに の訳語→ already hitherto previous

さっき の訳語→ earlier

すると の訳語→ but now suddenly where

そこへ の訳語→ immediately

そのあと の訳語→ as eventually next

その前に の訳語→ first if

それから の訳語→ also another further later second secondly soon thence

の訳語→ hand

とうに の訳語→ long well

ところで の訳語→ hey incidentally meanwhile way

には の訳語→ by only than that to

はじめて の訳語→ first-ever new unfamiliar

まで の訳語→ about actually at every for towards while

もうそろそろ の訳語→ almost

やおら の訳語→ abruptly presently quietly slowly

やっと の訳語→ anyway begin belatedly exactly finally good great just laboriously last

ようやく の訳語→ barely fully gradually nearly rare reach reluctantly scarcely somehow

以前 の訳語→ heretofore yet

近い の訳語→ close closely immediate imminent like proximity rather short virtually

今まで の訳語→ current once

今度は の訳語→ again

際に の訳語→ on

先に の訳語→ ahead away

先刻 の訳語→ late

の訳語→ ago back early forward front near old outside presence yore

前に の訳語→ behind forth

前もって の訳語→ advance beforehand fair preemptively

漸く の訳語→ tentatively

直前 の訳語→ eve verge

途中で の訳語→ during halfway unfinished


before anyone else beforehand