× Q 翻訳類語辞典


〜から の訳語→ above among at cause over that

うちに の訳語→ after amongst as in while

には の訳語→ before if only than to when

ほとり の訳語→ shore side

近く の訳語→ almost around close come just nearly reach

受ける の訳語→ accept amuse answer catch derive draw eat encounter gain get meet pour receive reply say subject suffer take undergo

前に の訳語→ ahead already behind first forth forward heretofore

前の の訳語→ across another dead early former old precedent prior

早くも の訳語→ immediately now soon

直前 の訳語→ eve last verge

並んで の訳語→ abreast together with

の訳語→ beside elbow next


by the day byline bypass byplay byproduct bystander byway byzantine