× Q 翻訳類語辞典


〜の の訳語→ about as from in with

あふれる の訳語→ fill pervade release rush suffuse

ありがちな の訳語→ predictable special

なみの の訳語→ human just

の訳語→ all business like news purpose something than though to wonder

現れる の訳語→ appear arrive come

似た の訳語→ akin almost close

同様 の訳語→ next similitude uniformity

特有の の訳語→ common inevitable inherent reserve these unique

独特の の訳語→ distinctive own peculiar usual

の訳語→ air breeze bullshit custom kind manner sickness suggest way wind


of note off-handedly off-hand off-putting off-white offbeat offcut offence offender offending offend offense offensive offering offer offhandedly offhand office building office worker officer office officialdom officially official officiating offload offshoot offspring off oftentimes often