× Q 翻訳類語辞典


〜にあたる の訳語→ against equivalent

いらっしゃる の訳語→ home stay

こもる の訳語→ cloister enter fill hang hide show shut

つとめる の訳語→ serve work

なる の訳語→ allow amount apt assume become begin change come create develop feel find generate get give go grow join make mark pass potential provide put reach set take turn

もぐり込む の訳語→ bundle burrow steal

よし の訳語→ fine good here okay sure there yes

過ごす の訳語→ company have keep leave live night remain slip spend spent

会う の訳語→ greet interview know meet meeting run see visit

行く の訳語→ arrival arrive follow head move out place stroll tear use venture walk

集まる の訳語→ attract congest crowd direct disperse frequent gather

性質 の訳語→ characteristic colors nature propensity quality temper temperament

存在 の訳語→ addition creature existence fixture folk identity meaning presence self someone specimen status subsistence thing track

存在する の訳語→ exist real

呈する の訳語→ display pay

立つ の訳語→ departure hover lean rise stand step


be exposed be nuanced beach beads beaky beam beanfeast beard bearing bear beastly beat-up beaten beating beatup beat beautifully beautiful beauty beaver becalmed because become bedchamber bedding bedraggled bedrock bedroom bedspread bed beefburger beefcake beefy beef befitting before anyone else beforehand before befriend begetter beginner beginning begin begrudger begrudge begrudgingly beg behalf behavior behaviour behest behind beholden beholder behold being belabor belatedly beleaguer belfry belief believable believe belie belle belligerence belligerently belligerent bellow belly bell belonging belong below-the-line below belt bemusedly bemuse bench bend beneath benediction beneficial beneficiary benefit benevolence benignant benignly benign bent bequeath bequest berate bereave berserk berth beseechingly beseech beset besides beside besotted bespeak best-known bestial bestow best betrayer betray better-heeled better between bet bevel beverage beware bewildered bewildering bewilderment bewilder beyond