× Q 翻訳類語辞典


〜によって の訳語→ through under

ためになる の訳語→ benignant good informative

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong come cover dispose draw explore fill gather get have head hit imprint lean make man place prop put reach ride settle sit stick strike supply take

つとめる の訳語→ work

なる の訳語→ allow amount apt assume become begin change create develop feel find generate give go grow join mark pass potential provide set turn

運ぶ の訳語→ bring handle happen lift move raise stuff transport

応える の訳語→ attend back call respond say

護る の訳語→ guard keep protect save

事務 の訳語→ clerical practical

従う の訳語→ atrail committed comply do follow play stand support

出す の訳語→ convey display express flip hold let open outright pay pitch poke pop produce pull refer ship start submit suggest surrender

出る の訳語→ answer arrive award betray dangle emerge engage finish forward lead leave out plunge practice quit see show slip step try walk

食べさせる の訳語→ feed glut

振る舞う の訳語→ behave behavior

尽くす の訳語→ accomplish dedicate employ fulfil wait

整備 の訳語→ adjustment nurse

戦う の訳語→ battle buck combatant fight yoke

通用する の訳語→ accept appeal valid

提供する の訳語→ afford furnish invest venture

努める の訳語→ force

奉公 の訳語→ apprenticeship service

役に立つ の訳語→ beneficial cogent contribute enlightening help lend oneself to matter useful worth


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