× Q 環境訳語辞典
English Abb. 学名 日本語 略称
1 Automatic Weather Station AWS 自動気象観測所
2 administrative lawsuit 行政訴訟
3 administrative lawsuit (appeal) 行政事件訴訟(抗告訴訟)
4 bylaws 規約
5 Council Directive 90/385/EEC of 20 June 1990 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to active implantable medical devices 能動埋め込み医療機器に関する加盟各国の法律の近似化に関する欧州理事会指令90/385/EEC(1990年6月20日付)
6 environmental impact assessment in accordance with individual laws 個別法等による環境影響評価等
7 existing laws relative to the environment 環境に関する現行諸法
8 Guidelines on reviewing laws and institutions to promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands 湿地の保全と賢明な利用を促進するための法制度の見直しに関するガイドライン
9 in accordance with existing laws 現行法にしたがって
10 infringement lawsuit 侵害訴訟
11 Law concerning Preparations of Related Laws for Promoting Decentralization Comprehensive Decentralization Law 地方分権の推進を図るための関係法律の整備等に関する法律 地方分権推進一括法
12 laws and institutions 法制度
13 laws and regulations 法令
14 lawsuit 訴え
15 lawsuit against night take-off and landing 夜間の発着禁止を求める訴訟
16 lawsuit for damage compensation 損害賠償請求訴訟
17 lawsuit for state redress 国家賠償請求訴訟
18 Mawson Coast モーソン海岸
19 Mendel's laws of heredity メンデルの遺伝法則
20 Niigata Minamata disease lawsuit case 新潟水俣病訴訟
21 outcrop of the Mawson charnockite モーソン・チャーノッカイトの露頭
22 state of handling of violations of laws and regulations related to pollution by the Public Prosecutor's Office 検察庁における公害関係法令違反事件の受理・処理状況
23 subsidy system under the Three Laws for Power Development 電源三法交付金制度
24 violation of pollution-related laws and regulations 公害関係法令違反
25 violations of pollution-related laws and regulations by name of crime 罪名別公害関係法令違反
26 Yokkaichi Pollution Lawsuit 四日市公害訴訟