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Agricultural Chemicals
English Abb. 学名 日本語 略称
1 agricultural chemicals analysis 農薬の分析
2 Agricultural Chemicals Control Office 農業環境管理室
3 agricultural chemicals cost 農業薬剤費
4 Agricultural Chemicals' Ecological Risk Assessment Review Panel 農薬生態影響評価検討会
5 Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law 農薬取締法
6 Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law (Law No.82 of 1948) 農薬取締法(昭和23年7月1日法律第82号)
7 Article 1 bis, paragraph 1 of the Agricultural Chemicals Control Act 農薬取締法第1条の2第1項
8 crop-residue-prone agricultural chemicals 作物残留性農薬
9 Direction for Safe Use of Agricultural Chemicals 農薬安全使用基準
10 Draft Manual for the Excavation and Storage of Agricultural Chemicals Stored Underground 埋設農薬調査・掘削等マニュアル(案)
11 fertilizers containing agricultural chemicals 農薬肥料
12 inorganic agricultural chemicals 無機農薬
13 intermediate for agricultural chemicals 農薬の中間体
14 Notification providing for the Registration Withholding Standards of Agricultural Chemicals concerning Prevention of Damage to Aquatic Animals and Plants 水産動植物の被害防止に係る農薬登録保留基準を設定する告示
15 proper use of agricultural chemicals 農薬の適正使用
16 Provisional Guidelines for Prevention of Water Pollution by Agricultural Chemicals Used at Golf Courses ゴルフ場で使用される農薬による水質汚濁の防止に係る暫定指導指針
17 Registration Withholding Standards of Agricultural Chemicals concerning Prevention of Water Pollution 水質汚濁に係る農薬登録保留基準
18 residue-prone agricultural chemicals 残留性農薬
19 residue-prone agricultural chemicals in crop 作物残留性農薬
20 safe use standard for agricultural chemicals 農薬安全使用基準
21 spraying of agricultural chemicals 農薬散布
22 standard as to whether to withhold registration of those agricultural chemicals that are toxic to aquatic plants and animals 水産動植物に対する毒性にかかる農薬登録保留基準
23 standards to withhold registration of agricultural chemicals 農薬の登録保留基準
24 system for the comprehensive assessment of the risk of agricultural chemicals 農薬リスク総合評価システム
25 water-pollution-prone agricultural chemicals 水質汚濁性農薬