× Q 翻訳類語辞典


つげる の訳語→ announce declare inform mention reply say signal tell

である の訳語→ afford become come derive lay provide remain

ふきこむ の訳語→ make

ふりをする の訳語→ act affect apparently feign kid ostensibly pretend seem

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add admit admonish answer ask assert begin blurt call claim comment confess contend deliver demand describe discuss exclaim explain express have indicate insist instruct mouth mutter name note observe offer order point profess promise pronounce protest put read recall refer relate report respond return sell show sound speak state submit suggest talk think unload venture whisper word

告げる の訳語→ bespeak bid blow chime give proclamation strike

同じ の訳語→ as coincide ditto fellow like own same similar similarly with